CFNM Humiliation

CFNM Humiliation There has recently been a huge increase in solicitation of prostitutes so the local officers decided a sting operation would be a great way to cut down on “Johns” trying to pick up prostitutes. They had one of the hottest officers dress up like a hooker and walk the street. In less than 2 minutes, they had their first target. A guy named Chris pulled up and asked the undercover for a blowjob and sex (also known as a half and half). After the deal was made, the undercover officer gave the signal to let the other officers know it was time to make the arrest. They swarmed in, arrested him and brought him down to the prison for booking. The arresting officer decided that an arrest would not teach him a lesson so giving him a humiliating experience would be better. They stripped him down, and forced him on the desk. Next each of the girls took turns sitting on his face and playing with his cock while the other girls showed off their ass and breasts teasing him. They handcuffed him to the bars, then took turns sucking his cock and jerking him off right to the point he was going to cum. Right about as he was about cum, the girls stopped turning his would be powerful orgasm into a very painful ruined orgasm. After all of his semen dribbled out of his cock, the girls took turn rubbing his extra sensitive head of his cock until his was moaning in agony!

CFNM Humiliation Working at a hair saloon has its benefits such as working with some very beautiful girls, but Paul decided to push things a little too far. While he was taking care of one of his clients, when he got a little to hands on with one of the clients. The innocent neck rub he was performing on the girl quickly turned into him fully fondling her breasts. As he was feeling up the girls breasts, the boss walked in on him and could tell the client was very upset. She threatened she was going to press charges on him for sexual harassment, but the boss had a better idea that would be more satisfying to everyone involved. Little did Paul know he was the only one who was not going to be satisfied the way he thought he was going to. The girls took off his clothing and made fun of the fact that he had a small cock. After being completely embarrassed, he thought the punishment was over, but realized it was only beginning. The girls started off giving him a very uncomfortable face sitting. One of the girls even took her panties off to give him a bare ass face sitting nice and deep. The girls started stroking his cock extremely hard. It felt good for him, but was still uncomfortable that all the girls were dressed and he was standing there very vulnerable.

CFNM Humiliation Carrie recently started dating a new guy she met at a club named Dave. It was the first time he was going to meet her friends so they decided to put him through a little test to see if he was good enough to date their friend. Dave arrived to find Carrie sitting on the couch with her friends. They asked him a bunch of questions then decided to test him to see how far he would go for her. They told him to strip off his clothing. He was a little reluctant at first, but agreed. After he stripped off his clothing and standing in front of the girls naked, they told him they wanted to see him touch himself! Watch as he masturbates in front of these three horny girls!

CFNM Humiliation Julie, Christie and Michelle were hanging out after work, when Christie spotted someone peeping in their window. They couldn’t believe it was their “weird” co-worker Steve. The girls knew he was a little strange, but it shocked them that he was creepy enough to look into the window of their house. They decided to teach him a little lesson. They brought him into the house then stripped of his clothing. After making fun of his small cock, they decided to torture him a little bit! They took turns stroking his cock, and just as he was starting to cum, they stopped. Then cum then slowly dribbled out of his throbbing cock while he was moaning in discomfort. There is nothing worse than getting a ruined handjob!

CFNM Humiliation After lacrosse practice, a few of the team members went back to their locker room to change. As they were walking into the locker room they caught their teacher going through their lockers. The girls couldn’t believe their teacher was smelling their panties! He was completely embarrassed and humiliated he was caught, but it was only going to get worse for him. He had a huge crush on Lisa, and they knew they had the upper hand over him. They said they were going to tell the principal, and he knew if they did he would lose his job. But the girls had a better idea in mind for this horny pervert. They took out a jump rope and tied up his hand. Lisa said to him, if you want to smell my panties you should be able to smell the real thing! They put him down on the bench and she climbed onto the bench putting his bare ass on his face. The girls then took turns face sitting on him while playing and teasing his cock. He was totally humiliated, but couldn’t keep himself from getting a hard on. It was his dream to be able to fool around with these girls, but this was not what he hand in mind. It only got worse from there, because right as he was about to cum, they had something special planned for him!

CFNM Humiliation Steve was at a club with his friend hitting on a cute girl when she interrupted him to go to the bathroom. Steve decided to follow her in, and peek over the stall while she was using the bathroom. He climbed up on the toilet on the stall next to her and looked over. While he was peeking over the stall, 2 other girls came into the bathroom and caught the peeping pervert in action!The club girls decided they were going to teach this pervert a lesson. They seductively told him to strip off his clothing. At first he was a little hesitant, but agreed thinking he was about to have a threesome. Once his clothing came off, the punishment began. The girls turned him around and spanked him nice and hard. Then they took turns sitting on his face promising him they would jerk him off. The 3 girls then started the ultimate cock torture. While stroking his cock, the other girls took turns slapping his cock, and squeezing his balls hard. Finally when he couldn’t take it any more and told the girls he was about to cum, they all stopped the jerking turning his handjob into the ultimate tease and denial. Finally after he was built up long enough and ready to explode the girls let go of his cock.

CFNM Humiliation Larry was in court for his sexual harassment case. He was in front of Judge Ms. Law who was known for running her court a little different than other Judges. Larry pled innocent, until secret surveillance footage was shown proving he was guilty. After the footage was aired for the court, he was immediately found guilty. Instead of going to jail though, his punishment was going to take place right in the court room! The Judge ordered him to be stripped of his dignity, and his clothing! Once he was stripped the judge told the plaintiff that she was the one who was going to do the punishment. She was a little reluctant at first, but agreed when the judge ordered her to spank him. After spanking Larry nice and hard, the Judge ordered that the lawyer and plaintiff to give him a face sitting. After sitting on his face until he almost passed out, they ordered him to be masturbated in front of the courtroom. The Judge and officer held his arms down while they stroked his cock. He thought this was a great punishment until he was about to cum. The Judge ordered that the girls ruin his orgasm and not let him cum with pleasure. The girls agreed and right as he was about to blow his load, they stopped the stroking letting the cum slowly seep out rather than exploding with pleasure.

CFNM Humiliation Sam was shopping for his girlfriend when he saw an amazing pair of panties he knew his girlfriend would love. He decided to steal them so he wouldn’t have to pay. Unfortunately for him one of the girls saw him put them in his pocket and confronted him with the store managers. They were going to call the police, but he begged them to reconsider. The decided the only way for this guy to learn his lesson would be complete humiliation. The took his clothing off and were shocked to see he was in good shape. The girls thought it would be fun to torture him a little bit. They took turns holding him down while the other girl sat on his face smothering him nice and deep. They could tell he was enjoying it so they wanted to see how far they could push the limit with him. One of the store workers decided to rub his cock all over her panties and could feel him getting hard. She pulled away her panties allowing him to stick the tip of his cock in her dripping wet pussy. They then had her get on her hands and knees and forced him to lick her asshole promising him that once he licked it good he would be able to fuck her! The two girls held her arms while they control how deep he got to fuck her. Finally when he was ready to cum, they completely ruined it for him. As the cum was coming up, they stopped causing the powerful orgasm to be minimized to a slow spurt causing him intense discomfort. After ruining his would be orgasm, they took turns rubbing and teasing his sore sensitive cock!

CFNM Humiliation Tom took a job as a maintenance man at a local college. He was surfing the internet looking at porn, when some of the girls who lived in the dorm came downstairs to complain about the hot water not working. They were shocked to find their cute maintenance man looking at porn! To make matters worse, the porn he was looking at was hardcore and the girls were very offended. They told him that the videos he was watching on the internet were degrading to women, and they he needed to learn what it felt like to be degraded in the same way. They stripped him of his clothing, and took turns spanking and smacking his ass. They then had him lay on the floor while the girls give him an extremely long face sitting smothering him to he couldn’t breathe. After that 2 of the girls held his arms back while the third sucked his cock until the point he couldn’t take it anymore. Right as he started to cum, she let go and the two girls held back his arms so that he couldn’t get off with pleasure. Instead he just got off with a very comfortable ruined orgasm.

CFNM Humiliation During his lunch break, one of Jack’s employees told him about an amazing massage parlor up the street that had some really sexy women working there. He decided to visit it, and he chose the dungeon parlor as his theme room as he always had a dominatrix fantasy. The girl put a blindfold on him and asked him how many girls he would like to party with. He requested 3 girls total so the dominatrix went and got 2 of her friends. When they walked into the room one of them was shocked that it was her husband! They took his blindfold off and it was hard to tell who was more upset and shocked. Jack being caught by his wife of his wife being caught by Jack. But Jack’s wife being the dominant women she was won the battle of who was wrong, and told Jack he was about to get the ultimate punishment. They made him take off all of his clothing and stand completely naked in front of the sexy girls while they examined his flaccid cock. They then had him lay on the dungeon table while they tied up his hands. The girls then took turns face smothering while teasing and denying his cock to avoid him from receiving full pleasure.

CFNM Humiliation Trying to pass a bad check can land you in jail, but in this bank, passing a bad check can get you something that’s a lot worse than going to jail! Complete humiliation! Greg tried to cash a check at the local bank, but the bank teller immediately recognized him as someone known for passing bank checks. They called over the manager who told the girls to call the police. He begged them not to, and the manager told him he had the option of going to jail or obeying their every command. He agreed to avoid going to jail. First they had him strip off his clothing making them stand their completely nude and totally embarrassed. But this wasn’t enough for the bank manager. They told him to lay down on the floor. The manager then lifted up her dress exposing her firm ass in a red thong. She sat down on his face smothering him with her big round ass.

CFNM Humiliation Kristen has been complaining to her boss that their co-worker James was sexually harassing her. The boss decided to install a hidden camera to watch her so they could catch him in action. Sure enough the next day they caught him massaging Kristen, and even feeling up her breasts while she tried to push him away. The bosses walked in and decided they needed to teach him a lesson. Not wanting to lose his job, he agreed to listen to what they said. They made him strip off his clothing and stand in front of the 3 girls naked. He was completely embarrassed, but knew it was only going to get worse. Next they told him to lay on the desk. As he was laying on the table the girls took turns sitting on his face rubbing their ass all over him. They then had him stand up and decided to give him what he wanted! They started playing with his cock, and even took turns sucking it. Right when he was about to have the most powerful orgasm they stopped. He couldn’t believe they would ruin it like that for him. Watch as his powerful orgasm turns into a slight ruined cum dribble!

CFNM Humiliation Mr. Johnson was the teacher at an all girls school. He was known for flirting with his students so a couple of girls decided they were going to teach him a lesson he would never forget and get themselves an “A” for the semester. One of the girls started flirting with the hunky teacher then as he was putting his moves on to her, the other 2 girls came in. They told him if he didn’t follow their instructions they were going to put in a complaint to the school administration. Not wanting to lose his job, he agreed. They pulled out some rope from their bag and tied up his hands. One of the girls then sat on his face smothering him with her firm round ass while the other girls teased and played with his cock! The girls took turns humiliating him, rubbing their dirty heels on his cock, and even spitting on it! Being completely humiliating and holding back as long as possible, the girls finally got him close to cumming. Right as he was about to explode with pleasure the girls stopped touching him ruining it. Unfortunately for him, they were not going to let him enjoy it!

CFNM Humiliation Mike visited the local massage parlor because one of his friends told him that it was the best place in town for a happy ending. While he was getting massaged her reached up and grabbed the ass of his sexy blonde masseuse. The girl stopped him, and questioned what he was doing. He told the girl he heard they gave amazing happy ending massages, and wanted to know how much they cost. The girl said to hold on while she went out and got her manager who came in to talk to him. The manager told the guy that this was a legit massage parlor and they don’t give those kinds of massages here. He was a little upset, and the manager and masseuse were offended that he would make such assumptions that the girls would give handjobs. They decided since he wanted a happy ending they were going to give him an ending…but it wasn’t going to be happy! First the girls wanted to see what his cock looked like so they pulled down her boxers and made fun of his small cock. He was so embarrassed that these hot dressed girls were examining his cock so up close. They took off his boxers and one of the girls climbed up onto the table pushing her firm breasts against his face while the other girls started rubbing on his cock.

CFNM Humiliation Franks wife was out shopping with her friends when they made a confession to her. They told her that her husband recently tried to have sex with the two girls. When Frank’s wife Michelle got home she was fuming mad. He tried to deny he did anything wrong, but Michelle’s friends told her the entire story in front of him, and he had nothing to say. She was pissed off and decided the only way to get revenge was to teach him a lesson he would never forget.
She pulled out a strapon dildo, and with the help of her two best friends they gave him a deep strapon fucking he would never forget. After his ass was nice and sore, she said the two girls could release his sexual tension. Controlling his cock, the two girls slowly jerked him nice and slowly and right as he was about to experience an intense orgasm, they abruptly stopped. Giving him a horrible case of blue balls, and a very painful unsatisfying release.